Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiger Woods!

Awww don't cry Tiger. You knew we would figure out your secret sooner or later. Awhile back, I began to notice that all of a sudden famous golfer Tiger Woods was never seen without a hat. Every golf game (and practice!), every press conference, even when he was hanging out with the family, he had a hat. And you know when that happens a light bulb appears over my head and a blog entry is born.

With Tiger, he is balding from both ends, front and back. So a hat is the only effective way to cover this up. The first shot below, of the front of his head, is from a golf tourney where he wore a hat the entire time. However, for just a few seconds he took it off to wipe his sweat, revealing his hair line. In the second shot, he was receiving an award from golf great Jack Nicklaus and out of respect removed his hat. While he may not have all his hair, he still has his manners.

Wipe those tears and embrace your baldness Tiger!

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  1. speaking of dominating athletes losing their hair, im surprised you don't have Lebron James on here yet... he took Michael Jordan's #23 so maybe he should adopt his bald head too