Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boxer Mike Tyson!

I just saw The Hangover, which was absolutely hilarious. One of the many valuable lessons I took away from the movie is that Mike Tyson, who made a cameo in the flick, still has the goods. He can still pack a punch like nobody else. Seeing as I'm pretty scared of Mike, I'll take it easy on him. Mostly for my own personal safety. I still have to report his balding head, but I'll hold back on all the puns/jokes that are stewing in my mind.

After all, today is his 43rd birthday, so Mike consider my holding back my gift to you.

See how gentle Mike is as he nestles that pigeon in his arms? When you are done ooohing and ahhhing, notice the full hairline above.

Now see in the recent picture (above the face tattoo) you can see his hairline is looking more like Jude Law's, just a small patch in the front.


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