Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David Letterman!

I usually avoid doing anything Sarah Palin would approve of, but I will make an exception for discussing what is going on with David Letterman's hair. I had been meaning to post about this for awhile and simply forgot, that is until David Letterman made headlines recently by dissing Sarah Palin and accidentally going too far (yes, much to my surprise there is a "too far" when it comes to jokes about Palin). For those who don't know, he made a joke about Bristol Palin being a slut and it turns out it was her younger sister he was making fun of. It appears the feud has ended though, David said sorry and Sarah Palin forgave him with a snippy remark. Then again, David really likes feuds, and so do his ratings, so we will have to see what he says on his show tonight to know if the feud is really over.

Anyway back to his hair. As you can see from the picture above back in the day David Letterman had a nice head of hair. But through the years he has been balding. What is different with him than other celebs we have encountered, is that cute little ball of hair in the front of his head. What is it? Is it real? Is it a piece? Were hair plugs involved? Letterman claims it is his real hair, but don't they all claim that?

Old photo for comparison:

Recent photos:

You can see a clear balding pattern on the top of his head, so that piece in the front throws me off. They all expose the truth eventually, and when they do, I'll be there to show it to the world (yes, I'm talking to you Bret Michaels!).

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