Monday, June 28, 2010

Clark Duke

Thanks to reader Fabio A. for this submission. Clark Duke, most recently seen in Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine, is only 25 years old and already showing signs of balding. Even though he is supposed to play the young guy in Hot Tub Time Machine, his hairline actually makes him look closer in age to the older guys in the movie.

At least Clark seems to understand that his hair line is receding. It appears he is trying to cover it up as he has taken to the comb forward to hide it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Michael Madsen!

Thanks to reader Michael O. for this submission. Looks like all that time Michael Madsen has been spending with director Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, etc.) has been rubbing off on him. This is seen most clearly in his hairline, but also in the mannerisms. Scary!

Here's an older picture of Michael:

And here's a recent picture from Dennis Hopper's star on the Walk of Fame unveiling:

And here's his buddy Quentin:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Politician Rand Paul

Thanks to reader David K. for this submission. Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul, recently entered into the world of politics. As part of the initiation into public life, he decided to do what many politicians do: invest in hair pieces. All the signs are there: all of a sudden he has more hair, and all the new hair is a different color than the hair underneath.

Here's what I believe is his real hair:

And here's the fur hat he tries to pass off for hair:

When I was looking up information on Rand Paul, I came across a message board at, where there was a whole string of messages dedicated to Rand's obvious toupees. One commenter wrote:

The only way this could look less natural would be if he held it on with a chin strap.
This is the type of personal freedom that needs to be regulated. No one should have the right to look this ridiculous!