Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jon Gosselin's mid-life crisis - possibly hair related?

Jon Gosselin from TLC's popular reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8 is not my favorite person in the world. He's famous for, well, having lots of children. While a lot of people love Jon & Kate (the premiere of the new season of their show had 9.8 million viewers), those same people hate on Octomom, calling her out of control. For the record, I hate on both of them equally. Also, Jon seems like a douchebag. Amid rumors that he is cheating on Kate he seems to be living it up and not really trying to spend time with his kids or time away from young women.

Then again, Jon could just be going through a mid-life crisis (see motorcycle picture above). And I have a feeling it was spurred on by his thinning hair. And that could have been spurred on by having 8 children.

You can see the bald spot clearly in the back:

Thanks to reader S. Matsuda - I just found out Jon had a hair transplant about a year ago (that's what I get for not watching his show and then trying to post about it). Here are some before and afters:



But as you can see from this April 2009 photo, the transplant isn't going to solve this problem, there is still a bald spot lingering in the back of his head.

Maybe he should try Kate's hairstyle. That would do the trick, for now.


  1. Typical mid-life crisis! Two new earrings, different demeanor- grow up...

  2. And he keeps lamenting that he's 'only 32' and got eight kids. A real mid life crisis, in my book.

  3. Bald is beautiful...didn't you know? Shave your damn head idiot! You have 8 kids you are screwing over and a beautiful wife. No matter how hard - you need to be a man and once again become a dadddy. Funny - you looked the same a little less than 2 years ago and were the toast of the town? Dads ROCK!