Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blast from the Past: M.C. Hammer

M.C. Hammer's hair is not too legit to quit!

I know I know, you are probably thinking, I blocked this guy and everything he brought with him (balloon pants, funky hair styles, hand motion dancing) and now you are bringing him up again! Yes, yes I am. Since we last saw Hammer a lot has happened. He has lost his entourage. He lost his money. He now does commercials with Ed McMahon encouraging us to trade our gold for cash. And on top of all that he is hiding his receding hairline by shaving his head.

Why do all the bald musicians think the bandanna is going to make things better? Maybe we should consult with Bret Michaels on that one.

Can't touch this is right - can't touch what is not there!

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