Saturday, March 14, 2009

William Shatner!

Boldly going where no toupee has ever gone before! Since his early Star Trek days it has been rumored that William Shatner wears a hair piece.

- His Star Trek co-star Robin Curtis discusses William's hair piece (go to about 4 minutes in):

- His ex-brother-in-law is planning to write a tell all book with the following information:

"William Shatner's deceased wife Nerine’s brother is writing a tell-all book about his sister’s mysterious death in 1999, and he’s calling Shatner a liar. William Shatner’s wife Nerine was an alcoholic who was in and out of rehab, and her AA sponsor had warned Bill never to leave her alone. Shatner left her with a housekeeper one day and returned to find her on the bottom of their pool. He called 911 instead of diving in to pull her out. The brother claims that Shatner didn’t jump in the pool because he was wearing a new $25,000 toupee and didn’t want to ruin it! The former brother.-in-law insists “The normal reaction is to pull the person out of the pool and start CPR.” "(The Globe)

In the picture above you can see where his hairline is. In the one below you get a better look at the top of his head.

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