Friday, March 27, 2009

John Travolta!

Ah, ah, ah, ah losing his hair, losing his hair. Maybe there was something in that greased lightning that did his hairline in...

Sure looks like a rug was glued to his head:



  2. How mean! Of course you list yourself as anonymous!

  3. John Travolta will always be gorgeous - hair or no hair

  4. I just watched "Urban Cowboy" and that guy was just so so beautiful, I mean beautiful beyond belief. And the scene where he and Sissy really fall in love on the dance floor just melts my heart, they are just devouring each other. It's a classic scene.
    And I was just thinking about just what happened to that man's beauty? And how come he aged just so opposite of how that man was? It is so sad. I am one of those who think that he is gay and was gay in all of those movies, but he never shows that side at all. Which today, most gay men just cannot act straight. John Malkovitz is a perfect example. There are no roles he can play, his gayness is always apparent. But not w/ John. I wonder how he feels about it. It has to bother him.

  5. I read my last sentence and what I mean is: I wonder if it bothers John Travolta that he aged so badly.
    If it's a matter of being fat or thick, then he could loose that and I'd assume that he would if that is the problem.
    Maybe he just doesn't care (which is hard for a gay man to loose his looks) and just wants to eat what he wants to eat and that is that.

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