Thursday, March 26, 2009

Edward Norton!

For years it has been said that Edward Norton (American History X, Rounders) had a hair transplant. It appears there may be some truth in this. Earlier photos show that his hair line is a different shape then it is now. Before, his hair line curved up at the sides of his head, now it is a nice straight line across his forehead. You be the judge:




  1. You have no idea, that photos aren't a proof. It depends of the light angle, and the head position itself. The first picture shows the head inclined forward and exposed to light that's because looks so different to the third.

  2. For sure the bald are you, and this way you enjoy knowing you're not the only one... That's a poor consolation...

  3. me encata norton se ponga lo que se ponga es estupendo sobretodo cuando esta de negro

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