Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bret Michaels!

Ok, this one is more of an obvious one. First, because in a Blender magazine article he all but admits it. Second, these rumors have been swirling for years. Third, what is up with all the bandanas he wears? We will leave no celebrity baldie untouched, even Bret Michaels.

Finding success in the 80's as the frontman for Poison, Bret now has a celebreality show on VH1 called Rock of Love, where trampy women vie for his "love."

Now let's examine the evidence:

1) Article from Blender Magazine

Q: You’ve admitted that you wear “the finest [hair] extensions Europe has to offer.” Isn’t that a fancy way of saying you wear a wig?

A: No. I have hair, but it’s not as long as I’d like it to be. I have baby-fine hair, slightly receding in the front, but not bald. Actually, they’re not called extensions anymore–they’re “individuals.” They tie in to each of your hairs. If it ever comes to a point where I need to do something about it–meaning get hair plugs–I will.

You can read more from Blender’s interview with Bret Michaels at

2) Clip from Rock of Love found at Jezebel:

Skip to the middle of the clip (the first part is all about how Melissa thinks her breast implant is leaking, but then this leads to her calling someone from home and sharing that she thinks its lame that Bret has hair extensions.

3) It is rumored Bret will finally come out and discuss this in his upcoming biography.


  1. At least he was smart enough to make himself rich and famous.

  2. When you are unconscious in a hospital bed after an anurism and you still have the damn rag on your head , you are bald. Right after Poison broke up Michael did a movie (i believe he wrote and he was damn good in it!) and his head was shaven, BUT you could see the top of his head was shiny while the sides did show hair roots. Neither him or Axl Rose can go the plug route cause their hair is extremely fine , not enough density to make much difference

  3. Had me fooled.........but I'm a fool.....