Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pete Wentz!

a.k.a Mr. Ashlee Simpson. Now we know how Fall Out Boy came up with their name and who the name refers to

Usually he combs all his hair forward, it hides the balding on the side of his head better:


  1. boooo! what a boring article! booo!
    millions of people are going bald, so what?! whats the point in them shying away just because stupid sites like urs might find out they have a receding hairline and tell everyone! balding, its a fact of life and genes. even though i cant stand pete wentz at least he isnt letting this hold him back... and he's proved to all balding men that life is still worth living! and that u can still be extremely attractive!
    so booohooo to you and ur poxy article!

  2. i totally agree with that comment, well said. i hate the way the media is constantly trying to bring people down.

  3. you just got told!
    ha, wentz is awesome tho :D