Saturday, March 7, 2009

A few who are bald, out and proud!

We would like to honor those bald celebrities who are proud of who they are and who know that bald IS beautiful.

Bruce Willis :

Die Hard 2


Ed Harris:


Back in the day:


  1. Out and proud? Are you talking about being gay? Bald is not beautiful. It is neither beautiful nor ugly. When you go bald, if you're not already, you will understand.

  2. Bald can be beautiful, hot & steamy especially when the balding indiviual decides to embrace it rather than try combing it over, then it's just gross. The comb over in some of it's forms is rather like when Goldmember picks large flakes of skin off and eats them.

    It's a phase of life like any other. We come into this world bald... many of us anyway, and many of us will live that way for a while after our youth. That's life. Enjoy life. Life is beautiful. I love every silver hair in my 31 year old head and have since I noticed my first one 6 years ago. They're exciting.

    It's all about attitude. :)

  3. Oh yes even when I noticed my dad going bald I was about 6 I promised myself that when I do go bald (well on my moms side the men have there hair) that I would not comb it over or wear a hairpiece. But when I go older I was like when it starts to go I am getting hair plugs and now I am almost 25 and started to go bald at 21.