Sunday, July 12, 2009

Out and Proud Baldie Christopher Meloni

Reader Briony S. writes:

"Was angrily surfing the Internet for more evidence of Shatner's piece (my
boyfriend refuses to believe), I found your site. Good fun! My suggestion for a Proud Baldie is Christopher Meloni, star of "Law & Order: SVU." He has always had an extremely receding hairline, and has always been up-front about it (keeping it short, and even admitting it. His pieces on-set are always odd, as they often seem to have a RED tint, like non-colourmatching in the worst way. But in public, I think he's for-real most of the time! Either way, he is awesome"

Hopefully her boyfriend has come to see the light about Shatner's toupee. It's not a hard thing to prove. As for Christopher Meloni - he is one of my favorite actors. He plays such a bad-ass cop in SVU, but then he pops up for small roles in random films like Harold and Kumar, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Runaway Bride. Recently he even starred in a Disney Channel TV flick about a gym teacher. And Briony is right, in his real life he is an out and proud baldie, but in some of his roles he wears the most ridiculous hair pieces. Like this one from SVU:

You can see the difference between the hair piece and his actual hair. But when he is living his life, he does not hide behind a hairpiece:

So hat's off to this out and proud baldie!


  1. I noticed he was thinning about the 3 or 4th season of oz but on law and order no. BUt i heard in 2007 he got paid 7 million for a season. Plus I think he had some work done (botox, and remove the saggy bags under the eyes). I think it was because he plays a part of a man of certain age. But he mostly wears his hairpiece if he is going out to awards and stuff like that. I seen some photos where he is not wearing the hairpiece.

  2. Also you have to admit for a man who is almost 50. He looks great. Plus shoot when I get older I probably will be doing the same thing