Friday, July 17, 2009

Dane 'The Douchebag' Cook

I wonder how someone who isn't funny becomes so famous for being a comedian? calls him the Bret Michaels of comedians. Another website called him the Gallagher of our generation. I have to agree with both comparisons. He is talentless, and more importantly, he annoys me. He steals jokes from other comedians. Constantly. He even steals jokes from drunk people I went to college with. Oh and don't get me started on his movies. Well he's gonna start needing to find hair pieces or hats to steal pretty soon...

Here he is in May 2009:

and on June 27, 2009:

We'll definitely be doing a follow-up report on this hair line.


  1. i'm not gonna defend his movies, but i have to admit, i like his comedy.

    and i think he should get more credit for really making a lot of people interested in stand-up.

    he could definitely be losing some hair he's almost 40.

  2. almost 40?? he looks a lot younger than that. but if he has to face something cruel like baldness then good, i dont like him either.

  3. The only remotely funny bit he's ever had was the one about the KoolAid Man. And that wasn't really funny, just something I could relate to.

  4. I just noticed as I watched his "Vicious Circle" show for the hundredth time, what had been nagging at me for a while. In that show, he was wearing a hairpiece! His hairline was totally fake! I like his comedy, and he's a handsome guy regardless of the lushness (or not) of his pelt, but how am I ever going to convince my husband to embrace his baldness if celebs can't? So ridiculous!