Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Donald!

I haven't done a post on The Donald yet because I have no idea what is going on with Donald Trump's hair. Is it just a bad comb over? Is it a hair piece? Is there a bald spot he is covering up? But this post has been a long time coming, how can I have a blog about balding celebs and not post about The Donald?

After much thought, it looks like a comb over, but instead of combing the sides around the top of his head like most comb overs we see, he combs the back hairs over the top of his head. He claims all his hair is real, but we've heard that before (ehem Mr. Affleck). To prove this, Donald let Larry King touch his hair:

However, notice how Larry touches the back part, not the front. One site even made a diagram of how to recreate Trump's hair do:

Donald - come out of the balding closet. We all know your secret. You aren't fooling ANYONE.


  1. He's not bald. Seems a bit thin on the top, toward the back. Also he's got a slowly receding hairline, but not enough to call him bald or balding.