Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nicolas Cage Updated

You may be thinking, "Bald Outing, you have already outed Nicolas Cage's hair line, why do it again?" Because I can't resist, that's why. Reader Blue Gold passed along a link to containing these recent photos of Nicolas Cage:

I had to crop them to take out all the stupid comments Perez writes on the photos. But even with the cropping it's clear that Nicolas Cage's hair line is receding more and more each time we see it. Usually he has an assortment of bad wigs/hair pieces to try to hide it. What Nic needs to realize is that the worse his wigs and hair pieces get, the less likely we are to go see his movies. We know you are bald and we don't care! Be out and proud Nicolas Cage! If you don't care about our eyes Nic, think about your career!


  1. I watched a horrible Nic Cage movie this weekend and the only thing that made it even bearable was shouting out, "Where's bald outing when I need them??"

    Thank you for hearing my cry.

  2. lol i probably would have caught this sooner, but i stopped seeing his movies a long time ago. after ghost rider, nic owes me!

    feel free to pass along any tips you get! :)

  3. Hey, I've always been wondering something - is that his actual hair (what's left of it, anyway) in Adaptation?

  4. He has the worst hair piece collection ever.
    So fake looking. He should just give up and be himself.