Saturday, October 10, 2009

Neil Diamond!

Thanks to reader Anthony N. for bringing Neil Diamond to my attention, and for providing the pics for this post.

I've had a bone to pick with this guy for a long time now. When I was younger, I got into classic movies and the Jazz Singer was recommended to me. I went to the video store and asked for the Jazz Singer. Instead of giving me the classic Al Jolson Jazz Singer, the guy gave me the Neil Diamond one. Not knowing any better, I rented and watched it. As I'm writhing in pain trying to stick it out until the end of the movie, my dad walks by and asks me why I'm watching this movie. I explain to him why and he laughs and fills me in on the fact that this is a remake.

For this role, Neil Diamond was awarded the first ever Worst Actor Razzie. Guess I wasn't the only one who thought he was awful in that movie. Neil butchered a classic. And almost turned me off to older movies. For that I'll always be angry with him. Even if I love Sweet Caroline.

But back to what this blog is all about - we all know Neil has been balding for years. What we may not know is he is balder than he leads on. Take a look below at a before and after:

Here's Neil with Quincy Jones in 1998. You can see the top front of his head is totally bald.


Here's Neil more recently. You can see more hair on top.



Hmm if it looks like a toupee and feels like a toupee, it must be one.


  1. This isn't really a great revelation, although I'll admit that Neil's fans are probably more aware of it than others might be. In his video covering the making of the album "Tennessee Moon", which as a fan I have to confess that even the help of greats such as Waylon Jennings and Floyd Crammer, the album pretty much stunk, but there was Neil in one scene, puffing on a cigar, completely looking like his bald, Jewish self. Most of his fans knew that he was somehow adding hair to his thinning scalp years ago. His first full toupee was terrible and I'm glad that he settled into something a bit less obvious. I never understood why wigs were totally acceptable for women but not so for men. As for me, I just love his music. If a toupee will allow me to look as good as Neil does at 68 then I'll be wearing one too. Thanks for the web site. Its been a fun visit.

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  3. Heres a couple better pictures of his actual "hairline". You can't really tell anything from the first photo, he's actually quite a bit balder than that one leads on.

    both taken at some lakers game a whileback.