Monday, October 19, 2009

Bruce 'the Boss' Springsteen

Thanks to Anthony N. for suggesting this post. Anthony writes "Hi, as someone whose hair is slowly beginnign to recede, I greatly enjoy your blog. I enjoy reading about the many celebs who go to such lengths to hide what they simply cannot control.

This video will not let me embed it, so you have to go to youtube to check it out. Click on the link below for a video of Bruce from 1988. You can see his hair is badly receding, the sides of the front hairline almost completely gone, with just a stump in the front:

The Boss became the boss of his hair and began to try and hide the hairline. He wore headbands more often than a grown man should:

He was also lucky - his hair is thick. He was able to grow it long and puff it out or comb it forward to hide the hairline.

The Boss with Sting (look at the hair on Sting!) in 1988.
Credits: Corkery, Richard

However, Bruce isn't just lucky - he is rich. He can afford the best hair care in the world. And he has taken advantage of this wealth. Here he is in 2001, with a very bald scalp:

Then here he is more recently. Notice the growth in the hairline:

Anthony also comments, "As you can see, The Boss was indeed born to run...out of hair." So true, Anthony, so true...

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