Thursday, October 15, 2009

Benji Madden Rerun

I already posted on Benji's rapidly balding head:

However, I just found this picture and I had to post it. It is an older picture and you can see where his hair line was receding. I just love this picture, it cracks me up!

Who would ever do that to themselves? And then think it's cool?


  1. Haha! I remember when I was in 6th grade or something, and he had this hairstyle. I thought it was sooo cool. Wow.

  2. I think Joel Madden has had a transplant. His hairline was the same as Benji's (balding at the temples) when Good Charlotte first came on the scene. Now Benji's bald and Joel has a full front hairline. Very suspicious....

  3. Joel Madden is on THE VOICE Australia every week and has a great hairline and full head of hair. Definitely had a transplant.