Monday, October 5, 2009


Thanks to reader Marques J. for not only bringing comedian Ant (host of Celebrity Fit Club, judge on Steve Harvey's Big Time) to my attention but also for providing the commentary for this post. Marques writes:

"Yes, we know he's openly gay! Yes he used to be chubby himself at one time! But the real subject we don't know is what's more phonier: ANT's phony laugh routine or the thing on his head?

Is that a rug? Is that some type of miracle of science? Is it the worst-looking kind of hair plugs I ever seen?

We don't know! But in any event, after appearing on a few sitcoms, with a few years of stand-up comedy under his belt and shortly before Celebrity Fit Club even came in session, ANT was already losing his hair by the time the very late '90s/early 2000s came to town.

Here he is on To Tell the Truth in 2001, already losing hair by this point and still slightly chubby.

What all the chunkiness gone, here comes what apparently looks like an odd-looking toupee or plugs, probably toup!

Look at the pic of him with George Takei: notice how the color of the sides of his head do not match the top of head. Can anyone say: "TOUUUU-PEEEE!!!," anyone?

ANT, you might win people with your silly, phony stand-up routines but you deserve an oscar for epic fail in the hair department."

Sounds like reader Marques really dislikes Ant. Or that Ant just gets on his nerves. I don't know much about Ant, but just his name gets on my nerves!


  1. Ummm Marques...and whatever the dude's name is that runs this lame-o page....I have been OUT about my wig for years. Anyone who actually likes to read CURRENT Pages/Blogs/Radio Shows knows I've talked about it forever on Howard Stern. If you are going to bash me, why not make it about the fact that I'm a Scientologist, or crazy animal rights activist, did phone sex with Margaret Cho becuase I'm not really gay, or that I've slept with Kathy Griffin?

    But the tool who writes this malarky probably won't let this post see the light of day.


  2. even though you called me a tool, i respect your right to voice your opinion and would not take down your comment because i don't like what you have to say. isn't that what the blogger world is all about? i don't take down comments simply because they have criticisms, i would only take a comment down if it uses inappropriate language or is spam.

    good to know you are an out and proud baldie!

  3. Ant's a talented funny guy... hair or no hair.

  4. To ANT and/or his fans:

    I dislike your post for calling me a tool. Hell, if I wanted to I could've been a real jackass and called you names on here, but I'm not the type of person to stoop that low.

    However, I respect your opinion on what you had to say on what just transfired here. And if any of my commentary came off as disrespectful and/or offensive, then I sincerely apologize for my actions.

    Plus, I do enjoy your work on CFC with Dr. Ian, Dr. Stacy Kaiser, and Sgt. Harvey and as another poster said I respect you for having the guts to be an out and proud baldie.

  5. ANT is a gay man... not that there's anything wrong with that! :o)

  6. Cool,The guy actually came and commented on his own balding photos. Props to Ant and props to the writer of this Blog for not taking down Ants post and for keeping it real. As a sidenote,I think the crazy armpit sweat is funnier that the toupee in Ants pic with the Star Trek dude. lol. Best regards, J.Z.