Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seann William Scott!

Thanks to reader Brisco J. who has an eyes like a hawk. He has found another baldie American Pie's Seann William Scott. Seann, better known as the guy who played Stifler, has been balding for quite sometime. Most of us didn't notice because he has been good at hiding it. He always had hairstyles that were front heavy - large bangs or a comb-forward - that hid the truth. Like this:

Unfortunately as the years pass - and the stress from not being able to find work increases- his hairline has suffered. Let's compare:

Seann a few years ago:

You can see the receding hairline poking out from behind those curtains, I mean bangs. And here's Seann more recently (no explanation needed):


  1. Um, that's not bald. It's just shorter & styled differently.


  2. That's a normal hairline, he's not balding.

  3. Definitely balding. Probably had some work done since it appears to have stopped and looks thick. "Dude where's my car" shows mass thinning the way he wears it. In all, not a bad look for a 40 y/o