Monday, December 21, 2009

Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon!

Thanks to reader Visual End for this tip. Caleb Followill, lead singer of Kings of Leon, is definitely becoming a baldie. And he's only 27!

Caleb seems to admit he is balding, but still goes out of his way to hide it. As Visual End writes "he's written about going bald in his songs and it's true." He used to have his hair long, which exposed his hairline:

But as his balding progresses he has cut his hair and now combs it forward to hide the hairline:

And the money shot:

It's clear his hairline isn't what it used to be.


  1. Here's a timely one for you... Brittany Murphy's widowed husband, Simon Monjack, is starting to bald pretty badly on top. Here he is early last year (age 38) at a ball game with wife:

  2. At least he has a great voice!

  3. he does look older in the last pic. I think that is because his hair is long. I think he should just clip it.

  4. Why the Fuck do you care. The man is a huge talent, and probably doesn't enjoy the fact he is receding let alone a website making a stupid deal out of it. Just look at his wife to see how little a deal this clearly must be. This site has made me chuckle though I guess...