Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Steve Harvey! Case Closed!

Thanks to reader Marques J. who submitted the contents of this entire post. His email included all the pictures and such a good description that I'm posting it as I received it:

"Remember all those mongering rumors of Steve Harvey shaving his head? Remember those mongering rumors about his alleged hairpiece?

Well folks, say what you will, but the real funniest thing about Steve that big, bright, light shining on the back of his head, aka his big bald spot! This was taken from one of his early stand-up comedy shows during the early-to-mid '90s.

And here's a pic of the back of his head from an episode of "The Steve Harvey Show."

Notice the lack of a bald spot in this pic. Even funnier thing is that Judge Greg Mathis is calling him Steve Highwire, because apparently even he knows that Steve not only had his hairline painted on but the funnier part is that highwire weave-hairpiece that he had sewn into his head!

The other giveaways were that in those early pics of him, you can tell that he was losing little bits of some of his hair in the front and that straight hairline in those pics of him from "The Steve Harvey Show."

And here is his most recent pics of him nowadays with a shaved head!

Steve, good for you that you finally ditched the piece, BUT...even before you shaved your head we all knew all along you were fakin' the front the whole time!!!"


  1. Would someone please tell Jermaine Jackson that the Frankenstein look should have been buried with his brother. How much dye does that dude have on his head?

  2. Who cares if Steve had a bald spot or wore a piece to cover it. Women do it all the time. No one can help hair loss and it is a major hit to the appearance, self esteem and you have to change your whole style from when you used to have hair. Be careful laughing at can happen to you.

  3. I know it's from a few years ago but since no one else pointed it out...his last name on the show is Hightower not Highwire...maybe hoping someone didn't notice for the sake of your joke? Just kidding. You got a great site here.

  4. My question to the this blogger. Why are you worried about Steve Harvey's hair? Are you bald as well?

  5. The blogger was upset because Steve Harvey told a caller that since her man didn't like natural hair she was going to lose her man. That seemed insensitive to the Blogger. My dad was bald on top and he made light of it. It was that way for most of my life. Now my brother, husband and son sport the bald look for different reasons. To each his own as long as it isn't a sin and hurts nobody else.

  6. Check this out, Steve wearing a new hair peace lol