Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quiet Riot lead singer Kevin Dubrow

Guess it isn't the same headbanging with a bald head...

In the above pics you can see the hair clearly just sitting atop his head. Also, compare the texture, thickness, style to his real hair. The below picture is from a 1984 concert. You can see the frontal balding and thinness on the top of his head.


  1. Forget this balding stuff... maybe you should start outing people who stick microphone stands between their legs. Kinky.

  2. when are these pics from? kevin dubrow died last year!!

  3. I know I'm very late to the game on this one and sorry to hear the dude passed on. Still this dude wasn't fooling anyone with that ridiculous wig he's wearing. For one thing that thing looks like it came from a Shih Tzu with frosted highlights and two he's entering the Rod Stewart zone with that god awful super straight middle part thing/style/whatever.

    No disrespect to either, both are the man, although I'm not exactly big fans of either ones music, their people I would consider very cool for doing their thing. Do you think I'm sexy is still a fun, funky ass disco jam and Cum on feel the noize is a classic rock standard at this point.

    Still, my man Kev wasn't fooling anyone even despite the ridiculous wig, he was like the only obviously very balding dude in heavy rotation during MTV's early days when they actually played music videos all day. The jerry curl mullet thing wasn't helping back then either, but he was still a rock king in his day. Damn I feel old sometimes. But thats the point right? Eventually you learn to age gracefully and more importantly don't be ashamed of your age.