Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jonny Lee Miller!

Thanks to reader Lauri V. for the tip on Jonny Lee Miller. You first heard this guy's name about 13 years ago when his name was Mr. Angelina Jolie. That's right he was Angelina's first husband. Before Billy Bob. Before Brad Pitt. Before all the kids. Since then he has been in Trainspotting, Æon Flux, and most recently starred in the title role of tv show Eli Stone. It seems that he has been losing his hair for quite a few years, and that sometimes he hides it and sometimes he just lets the truth show. Here he is in 2005 at the Æon Flux premiere:

Totally balding. Then here he is in 2009, in one picture he has a possible hair piece, in the others he is covering up the hair line.

August 2009

On the set of Eli Stone - hair is combed forward and style to hide the balding patches.

Sienna Miller and Jonny taking a break in New York City - the wind always reveals the truth!

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