Friday, May 22, 2009

Vince Vaughn!

This one is no surprise. A lot of people debate if Vince wears a piece or a weave. All I know is his hairline is receding. But he's still the man. Still gets the hot chicks, like Brad Pitt's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Still gets the kick-ass movie roles (Wedding Crashers is one of my all-time favorite movies). So I expect to hear no complaining from Vince.

Vince in the days of Swingers:

Vince now:

Vince doesn't seem too photogenic in these more recent shots.


  1. I don't think he's wearing a hair piece. His hairline is not much different now from the days of Swinger.

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  3. This post will be removed soon by blog’s owner as before because I rub salt into his wound… but I don’t care since habitual readers will have time to read. As I said before, you hide behind the idea that it’s your father bald the reason because you search for bald celebrities. You made really sick and you can think about anything else. So you pass day by day spending your life searching for false information that satisfies yourself. Do you really believe anyone could really take you seriously? Only an idiot could. Mature and go out, travel sometimes forget your obsessions and have a life.

  4. dear anonymous i deleted your last comment because it was inappropriate. you have the right to your opinion and if you don't like the blog that is fine. in the future please do not hide behind the name anonymous and if you have something to say to me directly my email address is on the main page. also, right now i'm on vacation about to head out to the beach so i'd say i have a pretty full and fantastic life outside of this blog. i highly recommend it.

    1. You're arguing with a guy who posted an inappropriate post about Vince Vaugn's hairline. Too funny and rediculous.

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