Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blast from the Past: Ethan Embry

This guy used to show up in all 90's teen flicks, Empire Records, Disturbing Behavior, That Thing You Do!, and most memorably as Preston in Can't Hardly Wait.

I was watching Vacancy a few weeks ago and thought the guy who played the Mechanic looked familiar. Turns out it is Ethan Embry. Minus a few hair follicles.


  1. I love Ethan Embry! And his new hairline, too!

  2. I agree. He has the boyish geeky thing that I love. I am about to be 25 and I am going bald (since I was 21). I am glad that there are some male celebrities that are not embarrassed of thinning.

    1. Oh why you only deal with the horse shoe ring thats it. What else can you do with that? NOTHING.