Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jerry Seinfeld!

Had a few cheesy tag lines in mind for Mr. Seinfeld like "No hair for you!" or "I'm not balding - Not that there's anything wrong with that!" Then I thought maybe the readers would be more creative than me. Do you have any to add? Post them as a comment or email them to me:

As for Mr. Seinfeld, his hair line has definitely receded. In the picture below it does look like he may have a weave, if I can get a better picture of that I'll be sure to post it.

Bee movie premiere - 2007

If he had a weave in 2007, he must have just let nature take it's course by the end of 2008. Here he is at the Sex and the City Premiere in October 2008:


  1. Great blog so I featured you on

  2. Hmm... I'm trying to come up with something good, but so far your jokes are better. The best thing I've got is that Jerry's head is quickly becoming the bad naked. :)

  3. Is he the master of his own dome head?


    "Hello Newman" "Hello Baldy"


    Give me that Toup you old bag


    My head could soon be described by a word that rhymes with a female body part.
    That right, depilous