Monday, August 22, 2011

Humphrey Bogart!

Thanks to reader EK for this submission.

For a guy named Humphrey, Bogart did pretty well for himself. Became an Oscar winning actor, married the beautiful Lauren Bacall and made tons of money to support his rug wearing needs. You can see that he had different hairlines in each movie he did.

And now here he is without a hair piece:


  1. Bogart and Bacall were notorious for defending the Hollywood Ten, "jewish" communists accused of undermining the morals of America. John Wayne, Robert Taylor, and Ronald Reagan were their opposition. DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: "When a government outlaws 'terrorism', it's planning something for which 'terrorism' is the only recourse."

  2. Couldn't he just be older in that picture?
    I agree he has an odd hair line, but that front is very natural and manages to have a fuzzy natural widow's peak. How comes a newgen-like hairpiece in the 50's?

  3. This is a great post; it was very edifying. I look ahead in reading more of your work.
    Bethany Kapell