Friday, November 12, 2010

Ralph Macchio

Thanks to reader JFRK for this submission and based it off his recent personal sighting of Ralph Macchio.

The original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio was able to stand up to bullies but is not winning the battle against his hair line. And if he thinks he is, he is sorely mistaken. I have no idea what is going on with his hair - your guess is as good as mine!

As they say - hair today, gone tomorrow. Har, har, har.


  1. I had a feeling Ralph Macchio's been doing something in trying to make himself look younger.

    Another candidate should be:

    Pauly Shore!

    This guy's been getting away with highway robbery with his hairline for years! With a waning career in tow, Shore seems to be desparate for fame in more ways than one.

    Check out a few of these pics to see that he's clearly thinning in the front.

    And in the following pic below, his hairline and/or hair seem to get thicker by the day. Hmmmmmmm...I smell hairplugs or a possible rug. I'll let you be the judge of that, but either way Pauly Shore's only true funny talents are pushing his forward so no one will know. But we all know the real truth.

  2. And I think you can also add Bronson Pinchot, better known as Balki on "Perfect Strangers" to this list as well.

    Here in these two videos (taken from sometime in 1990) below, you can clearly see that Bronson's hairline is clearly starting to receed.

    And here is a pic of what appears to be a bald spot in the back of Bronson Pinchot's head taken from his appearances on "The Surreal Life" a few years back.

    And in this pic below if you can look closely at his left temple you can see some scalp through as well.

    And in this pic below, you can also see that Bronson is receeding:

    And if that wasn't enough, there's also possible speculations that Bronson may possibly have had some work done on that hairline of his, indicating possible transplants or plugs, or just simply him pushing his hair forward to hide that balding of his.

    I'll let you judge for yourselves on these below:

    As his Balki character used to say "Don't be ridiculous!" Well Bronson the way you've been hiding your balding hairline makes you ridiculous.

  3. thanks for the confirmation--I'm watching DWTS and had to wonder what was up with his hair! Googled it and found your post. :)