Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daniel Craig

The latest James Bond may be able to kick butt on screen, but his hairline is kicking his butt in life. Reader James G. writes, "Do you think he brushes it forward to show a lower hairline or is it just filled in with something?" It seems in movies Daniel has a mix of hair pieces, comb-forwards and comb-sideways to make his hair line look fuller. However, lately, in his every day life Daniel is embracing his natural hair line, even as it fades away.

With a body like that I'll bet most of the ladies don't even notice the top of his head.


  1. Truth! I saw him on one of the usa late night shows...maybe david letterman...just a week ago or so...and he had piles of hair! Way more than the last James Bond Film I saw. I don't know whether it's transplants, or little glue on pieces, but it definately wasn't a comb forward or comb sideways. ANYWAY, good for him,HOllywood is merciless, so with all the crap the poor actresses put themselves thru, it's inevitable that the male sex symbols would be making some cosmetic improvements as well. I can't say I agree with the hollywood madness for ageless superthin or supermuscular is what it is...sadly. and these actors need to keep their careers going...not so many roles for dumpy, balding, middleaged men with flabby bods