Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prince William (for the millionth time)

Just last month Prince William did a photo shoot for Hello! magazine in England. Here's the cover shot:

Hmmm, there's an awful lot of hair on top of his head. Wonder who it belongs to. Because it certainly does not all belong to William:


  1. Of course, this isn't happening to Prince Harry because his father is allegedly someone other than Prince Charles. :-)

  2. Brian, in most cases it's the mother's genes which do the damage to the son's scalp but at the same time it's not uncommon for one brother to escape the hell of the other one so you are off base, mang.

  3. Wow! The HELLO magazine cover has William as a brunette also!

    I'm wondering if on the 'big day' William will have a hair piece on, or at least that shake-on hair product (that matches your hair color) that covers the scalp.

    See All Evil - Not so fast! I've seen plenty of young guys that are bald or balding and their Dads are bald. I've seen their grandpas on their maternal side and they have hair.

    At this stage in William's life he's just not handsome anymore. About 10 yrs. ago he was the male-image of his stunning mother. And, now Harry is the good-looker. And what a shock of hot ginger hair on his head! lol

    ~ Susan

  4. William is not Harry. I've now got a mnemonic device to avoid confusing the two.