Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jon Cryer

Thanks to reader JFRK for this tip. Jon Cryer is supposed one man of the Two and a Half Men. When I've had the misfortune of catching this show on tv I've often wondered to myself how they calculated two and a half men because Jon Cryer's character is half a man at best. That plus the kid and Charlie Sheen just cannot equal Two and a Half Men. Unless their definition of "men" is a bit more lax than mine.

One thing is for sure, a real man wouldn't hide behind a toupee. Here is Jon Cryer in a recent episode of Two and a Half Men (air date January 11, 2010):

And here he is February 1, 2010

And another picture sans toupee:

That's what happens when you do seven seasons of a show with Charlie Sheen.


  1. I remember passing John on the street in NYC, and thinking Wow he lost his hair. Then when I've seen him in the past few years on Two and a half men with a full head of short cropped hair I doubted that it was John I saw in the first place, plus in person he's pretty short. Can't believe all the celebs on this site that I always wondered about - my obsession since becoming folicly challenged