Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rob Schneider!

Thanks to faithful reader Marques J. for reminding me of Rob Schneider. I have been looking into him for awhile, but to be honest, I just forget about him. Occasionally I'll catch one of his movies on tv and think to myself "I need to do an entry on Rob" but then I fall asleep or change the channel and block Rob and his movies out of my head. But his hair piece is too good not to write about.

You can see a few years back that Rob clearly was balding. The front was receding:

Rob began to notice too, because all of a sudden he began pushing his hair forward to hide the balding. But the top was too thin for him to get away with this:

And then all of a sudden - boom! - Rob had a nice, full head of hair. Thick in the front, growing strong:

Even a new head of hair can't make this guy funny or relevant.


  1. Woeman are as-holz. First, guys can't control if they lose their hair - that's what makes you an asshole. Secondly, women are irrelevant once their baby production stops at 38 or so. Men become more relevant as they make cash. Let's get back to hair, women always get thin hair as they get older, and they get ugly - and NOTHING will make you compete with younger women which men can always get because it's all about the cash and the lifestyle. Try working on becoming a woman of substance so you're not left rotting in your ugliness.

  2. What good is being liked only for your money?