Thursday, January 7, 2010

Noah Wyle!

Awww remember Dr. John Carter on E.R.? Played by Mr. Noah Wyle. I guess it is stressful being a doctor - whether real or for television.

Noah spent many years hiding his receding hairline, but at this point it is too far gone to completely hide. Below you can see if you take a quick look, you won't notice anything. But if you give it a few seconds you can see the hair receding on the front sides.

And here's his real hairline:


  1. This one may be a stretch, but Dax Shepard is losing hair above the temples. See his Wikipedia pic... he really has only a patch of hair center front that he grows long.

    Here's a better picture from the side when he had shorter hair combed back. That hairline is creeping upward.

  2. Just goes to show, that Someone up there plays fair with everyone. Not even the celebrities can escape hair loss. Fairs fair.

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  4. That's considered "balding"? I've had the exact hairline aa Noah does in the second picture since at least age 12 (and have the pictures to prove it).

    Guess I'm only human.