Monday, November 9, 2009


Recently, Diane Sawyer interviewed singer Rihanna about the abuse she suffered at the hands of singer Chris Brown. In what feels like a week long interview (seriously, they play 5 minutes of the interview a day!), I couldn't help but notice Rihanna's forehead was looking bigger than normal. I then noticed her hairline was the opposite. I was going to be nice and not mention it on this blog, but then I saw Twitter was all a-twitter about it, so I figured Rihanna's hairline is fair game.

Rihanna definitely wears a lot of hairpieces and wigs, and as with Beyonce and Fergie, these hairpieces are affecting the real hair underneath. She is young now and has time to stop her hariline from getting worse. Hopefully she will.

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  1. Aw, poor thing. It sucks to lose your hair young, triple sucks if you're a girl...