Saturday, November 21, 2009

British Baldie Joe Swash!

Thanks to reader Alex for this submission! Joe Swash was Mickey Miller on EastEnders and then went on to win the British "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!"

Alex writes:
As you can see, something miraculous has happened to his hair. What i cant work out though is what he has done to it. Is it a hairpiece, is it plugs, is it spray-on hair or what? If you, or any readers, can help shed light on the truth i'd be grateful. it's driving me crackers trying to work it out.

Here's Joe on I'm a Celeb... as Alex comments "you can see great thinning and receding here - so much so that its makin him sick":

Here Joe is after winning I'm a Celeb donning what Alex describes as a "comb up and over":

And here's Joe in September of this year. You can clearly see his hairline cannot control itself and won't stop receding:

Here's Joe just this past week. It's a miracle! Something miraculous has happened! Joe has a full head of hair! Haha oh yeah and pigs now fly. What I meant to say is Joe now has a hairpiece.


  1. I read on some tbaloid that he got a transplant

  2. bad plugs there. Too obvious. Why oh why do they do it?