Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tom Delay!

I totally forgot about this guy, and so did the world, but leave it up to Dancing with the Stars to bring him back into the public light! It was recently announced that he will be one of the contestants on the upcoming season. This former Congressman from Sugarland, Texas was one of the Congressmen who accepted "gifts" from Jack Abramoff. Here's his mug shot:

The money laundering and violations of campaign finance laws are nothing compared to the crime that is his hair piece. Let's take a look shall we: Here's a picture of the bald spot on the back of his head. This is from a book signing in March 2007:

Clearly, he is balding, yet he always seems to have a great head of hair. Too bad it's not his. See how the hair piece does not have a part and just sits atop his head?

The next picture is by far my favorite. Don't you love how Chris Matthews' hair is blowing wild in the wind yet Tom Delay's "hair" is stuck to his head?

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