Monday, August 10, 2009

Giovanni Ribisi!

Most recently seen starring alongside Johnny Depp in Public Enemies, I first noticed this guy in Gone in 60 Seconds. Guess who he played? None other than Nicolas Cage's younger brother. Well whoever cast that movie, cast these two perfectly. Giovanni Ribisi is definitely following Nic's footsteps, or should I say in Nic's hairline.

Giovanni has been balding for quite some time. However, recently it appears he is trying to cover it up a bit. For now he is just combing his hair forward. Perhaps like his fictional older brother, we will be seeing some hair pieces in the future.

Here's Giovanni at the Pirates of the Carribean premiere on May 19, 2007:

Here he is in May 2009 at the Middle Men screening at Cannes:

And here he is a month later (June 24, 2009) at the premiere of Public Enemies all covered up:

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