Friday, April 9, 2010

Politician Bob Ehrlich

Thanks to reader A Sophist for this one. This former Republican governor of Maryland is now running for governor again. He is trying to take down the guy who beat him. Trying to pull a Grover Cleveland. Although unlike Cleveland, Bob Ehrlich is not being honest with the American public about his hair. He shows all the signs - different color hair on the top and bottom of his head, an unnatural part, and best of all - his hair sticks to his head on the windiest of days:


  1. That hair piece is ridiculous. I guess I don't really blame him though. Politics is a tough business for the folicly challenged. Eisenhower was the last bald President I believe.

    Long time reader. Actually inspired me to start my own balding theme blog. For me, it acts as meditation, helping me deal with my own hairloss.

  2. Yeah but I feel politicians should have the money now to at the very least match the hair color, you know? Thanks for reading, I'll check out your blog as well.

  3. It's a vicious circle----the more the moneyed interests see the guy with this $3.00 piece, the fewer the illicit monies the guy can, uh, attract--hence the high priced pieces the guy can not afford.